New Medicine on the Market

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A majority of cannabis patients are over 35 years old. The new options on the market are impressive, cannabis oil is leading the way in superior technology. The picture you see above is pre-loaded oil cartridge that was extracted with CO2. This oil contains no additives or fillers (some patients prefer certain additives in the oil they vape). The machine that is used to extract this oil is valued over $150,000! Vapor provides a more discreet smoking experience.

Below is a picture of an oil syringe from Nevada State Trading. This syringe is used to refill your oil cartridge once you run out of oil. The oil inside can also be used with wax pens and dab rigs. Some patients will use the syringe to apply a layer of oil onto their joint for an extra effect. We are excited for the future of cannabis concentrates and to bring you videos from local cultivators.


Not the same weed they had in the 80’s… The picture below is a strain that tested at 31% THCA! Because of advanced science, some Master Growers have developed super powers for their plants. Top Shelf strains are known for their high THC, long lasting effects, and potency. Nutrient schedules and techniques vary amongst all growers but what they share is their understanding of the strain they are working with. The cannabis on the market continues to get better! Thank you Cultivators, Dispensaries, and Patients!


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